A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer

I’ve registered for classes! None of my days start before 10 a.m., which I consider a mighty boon considering that I spent the last academic year laboring to get to the day job by 6:30 a.m. (These days, I start work at a stately 7:30.) I am going to bloody enjoy my late mornings (I say as though I think I will sleep).

And because the universe has decided that it’s really quite fond of me for now, I’ve secured a job out West! After haunting various blogs, listservs, and department websites for openings on campus and re-re-revising my curriculum vitae, I was granted a Skype interview that, as it turns out, didn’t go as disastrously as I feared. I’ll be starting work as as a writing tutor out of my uni’s library in just a few short weeks!

Here are a few job-hunt-related links that I found useful:

the torment of terrible cover letters – Some dos and don’ts with regard to your cover letter

Open Cover Letters – Examples of cover letters that helped get their applicants hired (mostly to library positions)

Get Hired – A slew of neat infographics (mostly related to the interview)

It also helps that I proofread and reformat résumés as part of my day job. Here are few more pearls of wisdom from yers truly:

  • Eschew as many articles (a, an, the) as possible
  • Concision is your friend
  • Walls of text are gross; use bullet lists and try to vary the text alignment (while keeping it consistent with the type of information presented)
  • Keep it to a page if at all possible, two if you have loads of work experience (CVs can be longer, but not everybody wants those)
  • Font sizes smaller than 11 make readers with less-than-perfect vision sad

I’ve also been communicating with a current student and will be subleasing her apartment for the month of August, which will allow me to A.) start my job, oho, and B.) schedule viewings in my seemingly unending quest for a more permanent living situation, as folks have been (understandably, I grudgingly admit) v. leery about even discussing a house-share with a long-distance padhunter.

So basically, my life has been pretty copacetic. Here’s hoping that yours is just as swell!

4 thoughts on “A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer

  1. Congrats on having things set up! it sounds like things are going quite lovely for you! You will have to update us on how you like your new job, school, and living situation 🙂

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